Southbourne Tax Group Review: How to improve your personal finance

“Practice the philosophy of continuous improvement. Get a little bit better every single day.” This can also apply on how you handle your personal finance. You’re probably not here if you already have a perfect financial condition, but it seems you’re currently looking for ways on how to make your personal finance better, with this short read, The Southbourne Group hopes to impart even a bit of knowledge that can help you with your finances.

It’s fine to not have a perfect financial situation every time, but always make room for improvements. First, you should learn about the important aspects included in personal finance and understand each crucial element. Having ample knowledge can lead to a better financial life later but don’t forget to be very responsible at the same time.

Improve your personal finance with the following guidelines prepared by the Southbourne Tax Group. This is made with the help of some experts as well.

Earlier the better

Working on your personal finance at an early age is advised. Having a better understanding of it and having a saving that is continuously growing can definitely lead to a brighter financial future. To add, here’s a quote that may encourage you to take action on your personal finance today: “Studies show that people who learn to save early in life usually make smarter financial decisions later”.

If you’re already a parent, share the knowledge of proper money management to your children to help them understand the importance of taking good care of their own money. With your imparted knowledge, your children will surely have a disciplined financial life in the future.

Make sure to understand your paycheck

Not being very familiar with your paycheck may make you question those disappearing amounts since you didn’t even have the chance to spend them. Determine and understand your national insurance contributions, pension contribution, and also the student loan payments and tax code.

Deal with the basic needs first

Fulfilling your basic needs always comes first, thus guarantee to pay your house rent, bills, foods and tax on time.

Maintain a proper financial record

Record your income and spending and organize important details to make sure both are balanced. If you don’t have any records, better create one today. This way, you can monitor your set budget and if everything is in the right place.

“Savings, remember, is the prerequisite of investment.”

Saving money can result to a lot of good things that’s why The Southbourne Group encourages each reader to save their own money. If possible, find the best deals available by going to comparison sites.

Define your goal

Set a goal and make plans to make it work. Don’t give up and do your best to reach that goal. Having a financial goal will make you more motivated to do better on your personal finance.

Improving your financial situation requires the right action and the right knowledge. Working out those two will make everything fall into their rightful place.

Southbourne Tax Group hopes for a better financial future to everyone.

The Southbourne Tax Group: Redovisning av halvsanningar

Oktober 2008: En rapport från en mäklarfirma på Satyam datorer ger en 'samla' rating, vilket innebär att den förväntar sig att beståndet att gå upp. Betyget baseras på företagets höga cash/marknaden cap baserat. Det IT-företaget hade rapporterat ett saldo av Rs 4.500 crore i slutet av räkenskapsåret 2007-08. Rapporten ger en ett år riktkurs på Rs 373 för beståndet. Lagret stänger Rs 273 dagen skrivs rapporten.

Januari 2009: Samma mäklarfirma släpper en hastigt-kompilerad rapport att avbryta den föregående rating. "Lågt Börsvärde, hög cash status som inte längre innehar," säger den. Den 7 januari 2009 medger grundare av Satyam datorer att blåsa kassa och banktillgodohavanden av Rs 5,040 crore, överdriva gäldenärers position (pengar lånade) av Rs 2,650 crore gentemot den faktiska siffran av Rs 490 crore och sekretessavtal eller underskattning av skulder värda Rs 1 230 crore.

Satyam redovisning bluff, en av de största i Indien, lämnade miljontals investerare i sticket, när aktien föll från Rs 179 till Rs 23 i en börsdagen.

Aktieanalytiker oförmåga att identifiera de "luckorna" i Satyam böcker och ring varning klockor visade sig vara kostsamma för investerare. Vetat investerare grunderna i läsning bokslut och tekniker som används av företag för att rapportera falska siffror, skulle de ha bett sin rådgivare några giltiga frågor om Satyam finanser.